Oil Composition of Mengkudu (Morinda Citrofolia L) Seeds

K H Timotius


Mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia L.) seeds were macerated or Soxhlet-extracted with various extractants (MeOH, EtAc, Chl : MeOH (2:1, v/v), hexane, and petroleum ether). Fatty acid profile was determined by using GC-MS.The amount of total lipid was varied from 4 - 8 % (w/w) of seed weight depends on the extraction method and the polarity of extractant. The obtained major fatty acids were linoleic acid ( 55-63 % of the total fatty acid methyl esters) followed by oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Chromatography on a silica column with solvent of increasing polarity yielded 85 % neutral lipids, 10 % glycolipids, and 5 % phospholipids.

Key words: Oil composition, mengkudu, Morinda citrifolia L., oil seed of noni.


K H Timotius
tpg@ipb.ac.id (Primary Contact)
TimotiusK. H. (2010). Oil Composition of Mengkudu (Morinda Citrofolia L) Seeds. Jurnal Teknologi Dan Industri Pangan, 14(3), 262. Retrieved from https://jurnal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jtip/article/view/777
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