Peer-Review Process

  1. Authors must adhere to the Submission Preparation Checklist, including the Article Template specified by JMA, when submitting a manuscript. Additionally, they need to provide the Author Agreement Declaration alongside the manuscript.
  2. Editor in Chief will assign the manuscript to a corresponding Section Editor for further handling.
  3. After passing administrative screening, the Chief Editor and Associate Editor will conduct a prequalification review of submitted papers to determine their suitability for further review.
  4. Manuscripts can be rejected without review if they don't align with JMA’s scope, fail to meet its standards (due to incomplete data, inappropriate methodology, lack of novelty, etc.), or if they don't adhere to JMA's author guidelines.
  5. If the article meets the scope, the Section Editor will request at least two scientists to review the manuscript. If the primary reviewers' opinions dissent, additional reviewers will be appointed. All manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. Based on the comments from the Reviewers, Section Editor, and Editor in Chief will make the decision on the manuscript. Overall, the peer review process adopts the Open Journal System.