Pelatihan Desain Kemasan Produk dan Media Pemasaran Online UMKM di Kelurahan Kukusan, Kota Depok

  • Soni Trison IPB University
  • Shafira Nurfadhila IPB University
  • Achmad Ali Badjrai IPB University
  • Adefia Fahira IPB University
  • Muhammad Adil Mutaqqin IPB University
  • Muzdhalifah Razalina IPB University
  • Sheva Rezki Ramadhan IPB University
  • Muhammad Naufal Shidqi IPB University
  • Axelshan Zaki Shahputra IPB University
  • Widya Purnama Sari IPB University
  • Ragita Diaz Astiza IPB University


The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a problem that is being faced by more than 200
countries around the world. Depok City is one of the cities in Indonesia that has been the worst
affected by COVID-19. The impact of this pandemic is not only on the health and social sectors
but also in the economic sector of the community, especially for owners of Micro, Small and
Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Thematic-Based Service Learning Program (SLP􀀀T) IPB helped
MSMEs in Kukusan Village, Depok City, which were affected by the pandemic, to increase sales
of MSME products by holding training on product packaging design and online marketing.
Training on the theme of "Appropriate Use of Packaging", "Packaging Design", and "Online
Marketing Strategy" was held with an online approach through the Whatsapp Group application
and an offline approach with interviews and direct practice with selected MSMEs. Overall,
Kukusan MSMEs already has good product quality, it just requires stronger branding to increase
sales. With this training, MSME players can increase the attractiveness of their packaging and
expand product marketing. The training that has been carried out has provided benefits to MSMEs
in Kukusan Village.

Keywords: MSMEs, training, design, packaging, marketing


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