Development at many areas in Indonesia and in other countries that are developing to become middle-income countries are characterized by transformation or structure shift in its economy, from agrarian domination to a more industry and service sector domination. Five articles in this journal discusses development strategies based on industry, business financing system development, and transportation system development, which are potential to be the motor of regional economic development if accompanied by competitive advantages. Study on the potential of industry sector together with its primary material provider can be conducted in rural and regional scale. Articles in this journal discusses rural scale at regency level and regional scale in province level.

KATA PENGANTAR - Strategi Industri, Pembiayaan Usaha dan Moda Angkutan Wilayah

PREFACE - Industrial, Business Financing, and Regional Transportation Mode Strategies


Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning (JP2WD) Volume 3, Number 1, February 2019 covers seven articles which discuss actual development issues on regional policy and planning, characterized by domination of rural and urban areas in Indonesia. The first three articles discuss the potential of agriculture sector/commodity in promoting rural-characterized economic growth and regional sustainability. The following three articles discuss issues on settlement system sustainability, ranging from rural-characterized areas to metropolitan areas. The final article particularly discusses strategies for industrial cluster development.

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Kata Pengantar - Revitalisasi Pertanian, Permukiman Tangguh, dan Klaster Industri

Preface - Agriculture Revitalization, Resilient Settlements, and Industrial Clusters



This edition of Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning covers a wide range of articles on regional development which are interesting to discuss. There are several groups of issues discussed. The first three articles focus on development growth strategies for rural areas and areas that depend on agro-maritime potentials. The fourth article focuses on development of relatively disadvantaged regions, emphasizing on development equality strategies. The fifth article focuses on rural development issues in Java Island which faces conflict with modern sector intervention. Last two articles discuss the development of two urban areas, one on new extended town in Sumatera Island and another on a metropolitan in Java Island that is shaping itself as a global modern city. 


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KATA PENGANTAR - Strategi Pertumbuhan Perdesaan berbasis Agromaritim

PREFACE - Rural Growth Strategies based on Agro-Maritime


This edition of JP2WD pictures the Environment-Regional Economy Issues and Adaptation Strategies, which is presented in 7 articles.

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Preface-Environment-Regional Economy Issues and Adaptation Strategies 

Kata Pengantar-Isu Lingkungan-Ekonomi Wilayah dan Strategi Adaptasi

Vol 2, No 1 (2018): Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning

The largest tropic country in the world, Indonesia is developing and transforming
towards a middle-income country. This transformation is occurring at rural areas in
Indonesia as well. Relatively stabile economic growth with moderate to high acceleration
since early 2000s has increased people’s welfare on one side but has been accompanied with
problems, such as environmental degradation, disasters, agrarian conflict, inequality of
development, shift of consumption patterns and efforts to discover new growth sources at
rural areas and regions. This edition of JP2WD pictures the problems mentioned, which is
presented in 7 articles written diversely by academicians and technocrats from various
institutions across Indonesia.

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Preface - Issues and Sustainable Transformation Strategies of Rural Areas and Regions
in Tropical Countries

Kata Pengantar - Isu dan Strategi Transformasi Berkelanjutan Kawasan Perdesaan dan Wilayah di Negara Kepulauan Tropika


Vol 1, No 3 (2017): Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning

This edition of JP2WD covers seven papers: three discuss issues of rural areas, another three
discuss issues of urban areas, and the other article discusses issues of an urban-rural transition area.
Issues of rural areas discussed are mainly on efforts to enhance the local economy, as well as to
maintain the sustainability of agricultural activities and existence of forest areas. On the other hand,
issues of urban areas discussed covers efforts to improve basic infrastructure services (particularly
clean water and transportation), as well as the potential of community-based urban tourism

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PREFACE - Maintaining Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Rural Regions and Improving Basic Infrastructure Services and Urban Economy of Developing Countries

KATA PENGANTAR - Mempertahankan Keberlanjutan Ekonomi dan Lingkungan Perdesaan dan Peningkatan
Layanan Infrastruktur Dasar dan Ekonomi Perkotaan di Negara Berkembang

Vol 1, No 2 (2017): Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning

In developing and middle-income countries, development of rural and remote areas are often faced with the limited and decrease in the number of population, as well as the efforts to promote regional growth and rural/regional attractiveness in order to counterbalance the magnet of urbanization to urban areas. On the other side, rural areas are urged to maintain their function as food producers and manage their natural resources and environment in a sustainable manner. Meanwhile, urban areas in developing and transforming countries are faced with problems of slum settlement, urban poor, provision of environmental facilities and infrastructure, and land use control.
This edition of JP2WD covers 9 articles that pictures issues and strategies on rural and urban development in Indonesia and Malaysia that reflects the current situation of developing countries or countries that are or have transitioned to become middle-income countries in Southeast Asia. An article reviews local development strategies which covers both urban and rural areas in Malang regency in Java island, four articles discuss issues of rural areas, and four other articles discuss issues of urban areas.

INTRODUCTION - Current Issues and Strategies on Rural and Urban Development in Southeast Asia

KATA PENGANTAR - Isu-isu dan Strategi Terkini Pengembangan Perdesaan dan Perkotaan di Asia Tenggara

Vol 1, No 1 (2017): Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning

The initial edition of Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning (JP2WD) covers 9 articles that pictures the current variety of research topics concerned by researchers in the field of regional and rural development planning. The articles cover critical studies on regional development disparity, regional potential, and community resilience in facing the pressure of change.

INTRODUCTION - Disparity, Regional Potential, and Community Resilience

KATA PENGANTAR - Ketimpangan, Potensi Wilayah dan Ketangguhan Masyarakat

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