Keragaman Gen Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) Ekson 10 pada itik Sikumbang Janti

  • H. Masti Fakultas Peternakan, Universitas Andalas
  • Yurnalis Fakultas Peternakan, Universitas Andalas
  • T. D. Nova Fakultas Peternakan, Universitas Andalas
  • Z. Kamsa Fakultas Peternakan, Universitas Andalas
  • T. Rafian Fakultas Peternakan, Universitas Andalas


Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) gene play important roles in duck performances due to their crucial
functions in growth and has been considered as a candidate gene for growth traits. This reasearch was
aimed to indification polymorphism of Growth Hormon Receptor (GHR) gene in Sikumbang Janti duck
and this study used 68 blood duck. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing analysis were
conducted to detect SNP existence in exon 10 of GHR gene. The result of this study showed that was
found two SNP at g.1112 A>G and g.1304 C>T with transision mutation in exon 10 GHR gene. Genotypes
found in the g.1112 A>G were AA and GG with types of Allele A and G. Genotypes found in the g.1304
T>C the were TT and CC with types of Allele T and C. Polymorphism of GHR gene were polymorphic
and Population of Sikumbang Janti duck in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. It could be concluded that
GHR gene has potential to can be marker genetic in Sikumbang Janti ducks.


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H. Masti, Yurnalis, T. D. Nova, Z. Kamsa, & T. Rafian. (2021). Keragaman Gen Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) Ekson 10 pada itik Sikumbang Janti. Jurnal Ilmu Produksi Dan Teknologi Hasil Peternakan, 9(1), 15-19.