Behavior of Sumatran Lorises (Nycticebus coucang) in the Captive, Primate Research Center-IPB University

  • Ramadhan Adirasa Sundara IPB University
  • Abdul Harus Mustari
  • Huda Shalahudin Darusman
  • Hana Hana Intishar Sawitri
Keywords: Behavior, Conservation, Lorises.


Lorises are protected and endangered animals, according to the IUCN and government regulations in permen
LHK No. P.106/2018 , because of poaching, habitat fragmentation, and illegal sales that occur. This study aims to determine the suitability of the cages by observing the behavior and use of the cages space by the sumatra lorises in the Primate Research Center- IPB. The method used is Observation of daily behavior using the animal focal method sampling, namely a direct observation method using one individual and an instantaneous point samplingmethod, namely recording all behavior for a certain duration of time, which will produce data on the percentage of animal behavior every 10 minutes. The time resulting from observations of 3 individual lorises was 144 hours. The study results showed locomotion behavior at 46.69%, social behavior at 2.63%, elimination at 1.6%, rest at 25.11%, grooming at 6.16%, foraging at 2.4%, eating at 3.88%, and being alert at 11.53%. Lorises in Primate Research Center use the entire cages space provided to carry out active and inactive activities. The conservation aspect is sufficiently supportive of the housing and feed aspects provided.

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Ramadhan Adirasa Sundara, MustariA. H., DarusmanH. S., & SawitriH. H. I. (2024). Behavior of Sumatran Lorises (Nycticebus coucang) in the Captive, Primate Research Center-IPB University. Indonesian Journal of Primatology, 2(02), 76-84.