In Vitro Testing to Aflatoxin Binding by Glucomannan Yeast Product and Glucomannan Extract from Amorphophallus oncophyllus

  • A Susanto Feed Assay Laboratory
  • EB Laconi Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University
  • DA Astuti Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University
  • S Bahri Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Developmen


The aim of research was to test the capability of glucomannan yeast product (GYP) and glucomannan resulted from Amorphophallus oncophyllus extraction (GRE) to bind aflatoxin in in vitro testing. Before in vitro testing, both GYP and GRE were analyzed to determine proximate analysis, glucose, and mannose concentrations. In vitro testing used aflatoxin, binder and gastro intestinal fluid in 3% ringer solution. The weights of binders were 41.05; 82.1; 123.15; and 164.2 mg and weight of aflatoxin was 0.1642 µg of each tube. The results showed that the percentage of aflatoxin bound increased by the increasing weight either glucomannan from yeast product or glucomannan resulted from A. oncophylus extraction. The percentages of aflatoxin binding with binder of both glucomannan yeast product were 19.72%; 21.51%; 42.25%; 46.35% and glucomannan from A. oncophyllus extraction were 4.08%; 28.72%; 36.73%; and 89.07%, consecutively. There were positive correlations (P<0.05) between the weight of binder and the percentage of aflatoxin bound, with coefficient correlations of GYP was 0.9602 and of GRE was 0.9338. In regression modeling, linear equation of GYP was Yp= -6.92 + 12.03x and of GRE was Ye= -31.53+21.07x. It is concluded that in vitro testing of glucomannan product of extraction from A. oncophyllus can bind aflatoxin.


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