Publication Ethics

Publishing Ethics

Ethics in Scientific Publishing of Journal of Agroindustrial Technology

The article that will be publicated in Journal of Agroindustrial Technology can be research results, policies analysis, brief communications, opinions, concepts and reviews.  The articles can be written in Indonesia or English using a format that complies with the language rules. The editor does not accept articles which’s not meet the requested requirements.

The statement of scientific ethics code is the ethical code statement of all parties involved in the publication process i.e organizer, editors, peer-reviewers, and authors. Scientific publication ethics code ethical values in publications; that are (i) Neutrality, free from interest conflict in publications management; (ii) Justice, giving the right of authorship to the authors; and (iii) Honesty, free from duplication, fabrication, and plagiarism in publications.

Duties of Publisher

  1. Journal of Agroindustrial Technology’s publisher is responsible to publish the articles after editing, reviewing, and layouting processes comply the Scientific Journals publication rules.
  2. Journal of Agroindustrial Technology’s publisher is responsible to ensure the academic freedom for editors and peer-reviewers in performing their respective tasks.
  3. Journal of Agroindustrial Technology’s publisher is responsible to keep the privates, intelectual assets, copyrights and editorial freedoms.

Duties of Editors

  1. Journal of Agroindustrial Technology’s editors are responsible to decide the proper articles publish through Editors Council meeting based on law regulations about defamation, copyright infringement, duplication, data fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism. To detect the plagiarism, use software "Plagiarism CheckerX" (
  2. In the process of articles review and acceptance, editor team use the principle of equality treatment in decision making for articles publication regardless  race, sex, religion, ethnic, citizenship, or political ideology of authors.
  3. Editors and the team will not disclose any information about the articles or the submitted articlesexcept with the authors’ permission.
  4. The unpublished articles will not be used by editors for its own research sake and will be returned directly to the authors.


Duties of Peer-Reviewers

Peer-reviewers help editors to decide editorial thing for the articles.

  1. Peer-Reviewers are responsible to recommend the examined articles.
  2. The articles’ review objectively and supported by  clear argument.
  3. Peer-reviewers are responsible to review the articles’ quotations, references, data fabrication, data falsification, and plagiarism.
  4. Peer-reviewers should always keep the infomation confidential and does not use the articles information for personal gain/interest.

Duties of Authors

  1. The authors must present the articles of thoughts or research clearly, honestly, and without duplication, fabrication, data falsification, and plagiarism.
  2. The authors are responsible to confirm the submitted articles.
  3. The authors should indicate the references of other opinions and  works cited.
  4. The authors must write the articles ethically, honestly, and responsibly, according to scientific writing journals rules.

The authors does not mind if the article is edited without changing the subtances or basic idea of writing.