Social Movement Communication through the Awareness of Farmers in Agrarian Conflict

  • Ahmad Jazilil Mustopa IPB University
  • Dwi Sadono
  • Dwi Retno Hapsari
Keywords: awareness, dialogical communication, social movement


Indonesia has a long history of agrarian conflicts that include peasants in it. One of them is as happened in Caringin Sukabumi where peasants are dealing with companies in agrarian conflict. The farmers assume the injustices in which the land they cultivate has a land rights title on behalf of the company. This condition raised a resistance of social movements in the peasant community that largely influenced by the role of organic intellectual consisting of a non - government organization and students assisted by local peasants. One of the influence is the awareness of farmers. This research aims to analyse the strategies of actors in the process of farmer awareness that are divided into magical awareness, naïve awareness, and critical awareness through dialogical communication. This research uses a qualitative method by the case an agrarian conflict between the peasant as a land cultivator and PT. Surya Nusa Nadicipta (SNN) as building right title holder in Caringin. The results of the study shows that dialogic communication strategies change the peasants awareness to be more critical, even though naive awareness is still inherent. So, it creates a new awareness type named critical naive awareness.


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MustopaA. J., SadonoD., & HapsariD. R. (2020). Social Movement Communication through the Awareness of Farmers in Agrarian Conflict. Jurnal Komunikasi Pembangunan, 18(01), 80-93.

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