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Moisture content is one of the factors that determine the selling value of grains. A good moisture content by standard is around 14%. Determination of moisture content is generally done using an oven, for farmers this method is quite complicated because farmers have to bring samples to the laboratory. This study aims to develop a real-time measurement of grain moisture content using an IoT-based capacitive sensor, which is able to measure the moisture content of crop yields in the form of grains and is monitored directly using Android in realtime. This research begins by designing a schematic of the circuit system, designing the structure of the tool, making the tool, carrying out the tool calibration process, testing the tool to measure the moisture content in different grain samples including rice, corn, green beans, and beans. grains with five variations of moisture content at 9%-27% intervals, validated the moisture content measuring instrument test with several observations including grain moisture content, tool response time, and tool error. Based on the results of the research, the calibration results of the research moisture content measuring instrument, the overall R2 value is 0,9902; which means that the measurement results of the research instrument are close to the actual value. The results of the analysis of observations of moisture content obtained an average difference in reading values ranging from 0,19%-0,41% with an average percentage error obtained ranging from 1,18%-2,12% and an average response time reading of 26,33 sec.sponse time reading of 26,33 sec.


Grains, moisture, Capacitive Sensor, IoT

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