Physicochemical Properties, Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load of Chocolate Energy Bars Prepared with High Polyphenols Cocoa Powder and Guar Gum

Intan Anis Binti Mohd Saupi, Ainul Mufidah Binti Mohd Hazidi, Abbe Maleyki Mhd Jalil, Hasmiza Binti Halib, Napisah Hussin


This study aimed to determine the physicochemical properties, Glycaemic Index (GI) and Glycaemic Load (GL) of chocolate energy bars prepared with different percentages of guar gum (0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%) and high polyphenols cocoa powder. Proximate analysis was determined following the official methods Association of Official Analytical (AOAC). Ten eligible respondents who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria participated in the GI and GL determination. Test and reference food were given to the participants after overnight fasting. Blood capillary finger pricks were drawn for 7 interval time at 0 until 120 min. The blood glucose responses were calculated based on Incremental Area Under Curve (IAUC). The result revealed that the fat and calorie content were significantly lower in formulations with highest guar gum percentage (p˂0.05). On the other hands the moisture, ash, carbohydrate contents, crude fibre, energy value, hardness, fracturability, pH value, and colour were all comparable to the control sample. The control and chocolate energy bars with 0.5% guar gum were in the category of high GI and GL. Whereas, the chocolate energy bars with 1.0% and 1.5% guar gum were in the medium category for both GI and GL. This study demonstrated that incorporating different percentages of guar gum in the high polyphenols chocolate energy bar changed some of the proximate compositions but not the physical properties. Furthermore, addition of guar gum affected the GI and GL as the values were reduced with the increased amount of guar gum.


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Intan Anis Binti Mohd Saupi
Ainul Mufidah Binti Mohd Hazidi
Abbe Maleyki Mhd Jalil
Hasmiza Binti Halib
Napisah Hussin (Primary Contact)
Binti Mohd SaupiI. A., Binti Mohd HazidiA. M., Mhd JalilA. M., Binti HalibH., & HussinN. (2024). Physicochemical Properties, Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load of Chocolate Energy Bars Prepared with High Polyphenols Cocoa Powder and Guar Gum. Jurnal Gizi Dan Pangan, 19(1), 21-30.

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