Thyroid Dysfunction, Total Cholesterol Levels and Anthropometric Status in Women of Reproductive Age in Iodine Deficient Area of Prambanan Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Indonesia

M Mutalazimah, Geeta Appannah, Nur Lathifah Mardiyati, Farida Nur Isnaeni, Pramudya Kurnia


This study aimed to determine the relationship between thyroid dysfunction with Total Cholesterol levels (TC), Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Circumference (WC) and Waist to hip Circumference Ratio (WHR). The cross-sectional observational study was conducted in the endemic iodine deficiency areas in Prambanan Sub-district, Sleman Regency. A total subject of 134 women of reproductive age were selected randomly from the source population of 592. Thyroid dysfunction determined by Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Free Thyroxine (FT4) level were measured by ELISA method. Total cholesterol level was measured by colorimetric method using a spectrophotometer. We also measured the weight and height for BMI calculation as well as the WC and Hip Circumference (HC). Chi-Square test was applied to analyze association between thyroid dysfunction with TC levels, BMI, WC and WHR. Results found the percentage of thyroid dysfunction in subjects was 39.6% (hypothyroidism 4.5% and hyperthyroidism 35.1%). The percentage of subjects with hypercholesterolemia was 34.3%. The BMI calculation found that the underweight, overweight and obesity proportions were 6.7%; 16.4% and 27.6% respectively; WC >80 cm was 29.9% and WHR >0.85 was 38.8%. There was no association between thyroid dysfunction and TC levels, BMI and WC (p>0.05) respectively. Meanwhile thyroid dysfunction was significantly associated with WHR (p<0.05). Therefore, women in reproductive age with thyroid dysfunction should be aware of their increasing abdominal adiposity.


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M Mutalazimah (Primary Contact)
Geeta Appannah
Nur Lathifah Mardiyati
Farida Nur Isnaeni
Pramudya Kurnia
MutalazimahM., AppannahG., MardiyatiN. L., IsnaeniF. N., & KurniaP. (2022). Thyroid Dysfunction, Total Cholesterol Levels and Anthropometric Status in Women of Reproductive Age in Iodine Deficient Area of Prambanan Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Indonesia. Jurnal Gizi Dan Pangan, 17(2), 67-76.

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