Studi produksi dan kualitas hijauan di lahan padang rumput UPT peternakan Universitas Andalas Padang

  • Infitria Infitria
  • Khalil Khalil Bogor Agricultural University


The present research was aimed to study the quality of forages and productivity of pasture managed by
the teaching farm unit (UPT) of Andalas University by taking samples of forages from 8 paddocks.
Samples of forages in fresh form were collected in 5 different sampling points of each paddock by using
quadrant plate meter of 0.5x0.5 m in size. The fresh samples were weighed and then sorted by plant
species for identification of botanical composition. The samples were then remixed, dried and ground
for chemical analysis. Parameter measured included forage mass production, botanical composition,
carrying capacity, DM and nutrient content of CP, CF and ash.Results shown that there were 12 kinds of
species grown at the pasture, i.e. 5 gramineae, 4 leguminosae and 3 kinds of browse.Nutrient content of
CP, CF and crde ash ranged from 7.2 to 18.7 %, 37.1 to 47.7 % and 6.6 to 10.0 % DM, respectively.Mean
production of forages mass in fresh form of about 26.19 t/year with carrying capacities of 2.07
AU/paddock. The total carrying capacity of the pasture was about16.1 AU/ha.
Keywords: forage mass production, forages quality, pasture


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