Productivity, Carcass Traits, and Meat Quality of Local Lambs Fed with Carica pubescens Seeds Meal

R. W. Idayanti, I. Istianah, S. N. H. Putri, A. N. Fauziah, Z. Murniyadi, L. G. Esnadewi, E. Purbowati, M. Arifin, A. Purnomoadi


This study aimed to determine the effect of substituting agricultural by-products of Carica pubescens seeds meal with some concentrates on productivity, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of local lambs. Eighteen male thin-tailed lambs with an average initial body weight of 10.68 ± 1.3 kg (3-4 months old) were treated with a completely randomized design for ten weeks. The feed ingredients were C. pubescens, Pakchong grass (PG), and concentrate (K). Feed ingredients were prepared into complete feed with a balance of forage and concentrate 40:60% with three treatments, namely: T1= 40% PG + 55% K + 5% C. pubescens; T2= 40% PG + 47.5% K + 12.5% C. pubescens; and T3= 40% RG + 40% K + 20% C. pubescens. The use of 20% C. pubescens-treated lambs was statistically different (p<0.05) regarding the increasing BWG (115.60 g/day), CPI (104.96 g/day), FCR (6.40), slaughter weight (19.62 kg), carcass weight (7.83 kg), meat weight (4.49 kg), and fat weight (1.66 kg). The treatment with 12.5% C. pubescens resulted in significantly different increasing tenderness (p<0.05) in longissimus dorsi and biceps femoris muscle pain (2.79 kgf/cm2) and (3.36 kgf/cm2), respectively. The inclusion level of C. pubescens seeds up 20% resulted in higher body weight gain, crude protein intake, feed cost ratio, slaughter weight, carcass weight, and meat weight.


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R. W. Idayanti (Primary Contact)
I. Istianah
S. N. H. Putri
A. N. Fauziah
Z. Murniyadi
L. G. Esnadewi
E. Purbowati
M. Arifin
A. Purnomoadi
IdayantiR. W., IstianahI., PutriS. N. H., FauziahA. N., MurniyadiZ., EsnadewiL. G., PurbowatiE., ArifinM., & PurnomoadiA. (2024). Productivity, Carcass Traits, and Meat Quality of Local Lambs Fed with Carica pubescens Seeds Meal. Tropical Animal Science Journal, 47(1), 87-96.

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