MODEL REGRESI BINOMIAL NEGATIF TERBOBOTI GEOGRAFIS UNTUK DATA KEMATIAN BAYI (Studi Kasus 38 Kabupaten/Kota di Jawa Timur) (Geographically Weighted Negative Binomial Regression for Infant Mortality Data) (Case Study 38 Regency/City in East Java)

  • Lusi Eka Afri
  • _ Aunuddin
  • Anik Djuraidah


Negative binomial regression model is used to overcome the overdispersion in Poisson regression model. This model can be used to model the relationship of the infant mortality and the factors incidence. Geographical conditions, socio cultural and economic differ one of location another location causes the factors that influence infant mortality is different locally. Geographically Weighted Negative Binomial Regression (GWNBR) is one of methods for modeling that count data have spatial heterogeneity and overdispersion. The basic idea of this model considers of geography or location as the weight in parameter estimation. The parameter estimator is obtained from Iteratively Newton Raphson method. This research will determine the factors that influence infant mortality. GWNBR model with a weighting adaptive bi-square kernel function classifies regency/city in East Java into 16 groups based on the factors that significantly influence the number of infant mortality. This model is better used to analyze the number of infant mortality in East Java in 2008 due to a smallest deviance value.

Keywords : Negative binomial regression, geographically weighted negative binomial regression, adaptive bi-square, overdispersion