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Ru/flesrcr ltasselfrr Suringar was fourid at Bukit Tiga Pululi National Park. Local name of this species is "cendawan muka harimua" Habitat o f R hasseltrr is lowland rain forest. As a holoparasite, R, hasseltii has no steam or leaves. The host of R, hasseltir is liana, such as Etrastigrna lanceolariuriz. Environmental factors, including biotic and abiotic factors, that affect the existence o f R. liasseltii are vegetation, animals, soil. climate and human activities.
Conservation problems o f R. llasseltir are shifting cultivation, illegal cutting and other hurnan activities.

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ZuhudE.A., HernindiahN. and HikmatA. 1. Conservation of Rafflesia hasseltii Suringar in Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park, Riau-Jambi. Media Konservasi. 6, 1 (1). DOI:

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