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Generally, all the society’s elements in Mappi Region recognize the existence of folklor which is rich with the value of life philosophy. Data
analysis method used was one score one criteria scoring system which was followed by using SWOT analysis as the basic consideration in stating
optimization strategy of the eco-cultural tourism development. The result of the study revealed that various potential of folklore with material and
immaterial heritage had good meanings and reasonable to be fostered in all aspects of tourism development. The high motivation of the society also
indicated the great enthusiasm of eco-cultural tourism development in mappi region. It was different in terms of preference and participation in which
score was far from the optimum value. This indicated the local society’s low knowledge of the importance of culture and folklore utilization as
ecotourism resources. Therefore, the integration of stakeholders to optimize various development of eco-cultural tourism is needed in order to create
multiplier effect. The strategy of eco-cultural tourism development in mappi region which needs to be done is by optimizing perspective of regional
development, perspective of social culture, perspective of marketing and perspective of activities and ecotourism program.

Keywords: ecotourism, mappi folklor, one score one criteria scoring system, Papua

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SusiloB.E., AvenzoraR. and HermawanR. 2018. Potentials Folklore to The Development of Ecotourims in Mappi Region, Papua Province. Media Konservasi. 23, 1 (Jul. 2018), 18-27. DOI:

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