Interaksi Genotipe – Lingkungan Galur Harapan Padi Rawa

  • M. Sabran
  • S. Sulaiman
  • I. Khairullah
  • M. Imberan
  • M. Saleh


A study was conducted in 7 location represent to sulfuric-acid, peat or arable land in order to define productivity of several promoting lines of swamp-rice. Foerteen lines with two control varieties were tested in each location. The lines were grown in two different NPK-fertilization, i.e. low and high dosage of NPK. Yhe study was objected to define the genotype-environment or non-specific environment. The result show that the tested-lines adapted to the specific environment, but not to non-specific environment.

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SabranM., SulaimanS., KhairullahI., ImberanM., & SalehM. (1). Interaksi Genotipe – Lingkungan Galur Harapan Padi Rawa. Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Agronomy), 28(1).