Evaluation Of Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration Performance In Mixed Bed Demineralizer

Sri Arofah Mulyati Chici


Water is a very crucial need in the laboratory, the quality of the water used in the testing process, including media preparation, washing glassware, and others, will influence the success of a test. Demineralized water is water that has gone through a mineral removal process which is a requirement for water in biological testing laboratories. To meet the need for demineralized water, the agency chose to process it independently using a Mixed Bed Demineralizer unit. Demineralized water produced by Mixed Bed Demineralizers must meet the quality standards used as a reference in laboratories, namely having a conductivity below 25 µS/cm, equivalent to a TDS of 12,5 ppm and a total plate count below 1000 colonies/ml. Based on studies conducted, the use of a Mixed Bed Demineralizer is effective in meeting the need for demineralized water because apart from meeting the quality standards required as a laboratory accredited by SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2017, it is also 98% more cost effective compared to buying from outside. Quality control of demineralized water is carried out to ensure the quality of microbiological testing and is the right choice as well as being more cost effective.


Sri Arofah Mulyati Chici
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