Focus and Scope

Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering (JSIL) is a journal is online and can be accessed openly in This journal publishes articles in the form of research (research paper) and the literature review (review papers). Articles in the form of comments (comments of paper) on the articles published in this journal or other journals can be considered for acceptance.

The general aim of the journal is to provide information relevant knowledge of planning, designing and construction in the field of civil engineering infrastructure are supported by environmental and geomatics applied aspects. This information is expected to accommodate the needs of globalization, sustainability, and the development of the latest technologies by taking into account the environmental, health, and public. The specifications of the topics include: structure, irrigation, drainage, water quality, water construction, hydrology, water management, groundwater conservation, soil mechanics, foundation, soil improvement, slope stability, liquefaction, and soil modeling, road engineering, transportation management, construction management, environmental atmosphere and climate change environment (control of greenhouse gases, air quality models, climate change locally and globally), renewable energy and waste management (recovery of energy from waste, incineration, landfills, and green energy, biotechnology environment (nano-bio sensors, bioenergy, environmental eco-engineering), technology, physical, biological, and chemical (membrane technology, the process of advanced oxidation technology Physico-chemical, biological treatment of water), engineering environmental control (desalination, ICA (instruments, control , and automation), and water reuse technologies) and Applied geomatics