Design Characteristic of Static Fishing Boat on Sunda Strait


  • Adi Susanto Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa
Keywords: boat, main dimenstion, ration, Sunda Strait


Fishing vessels operating static fishing gear in the Sunda Strait and based at the Coastal Fishing Port (PPP) Labuan are dominated by gillnets and hook and line. Even though they use the same operating method, the boat designs used can be different. This study aims to determine the characteristics of the static fishing boat that operating in the Sunda Strait. Data collection was conducted in October-December 2008 around PPP Labuan using a laser distance meter. The ships that were sampled were 8 units of gillnet boat and 5 units of hook and line fishing boats. The results showed that the ratio of the main dimensions of the static fishing boat in the Sunda Strait was still by the reference value with the overall shape of the bow is rake bow. The hull shape of the gillnet fishing boat consists of a u-bottom and a round flat bottom, while the hook and line fishing boat is entirely u-bottom. The design of the static fishing vessel in the Sunda Strait is following the basic needs of the static gear fleet, which prioritizes high stability and a large work area compared to the speed of the ship.