OARE Publisher Partners offer scientific literature to eligible institutions in 107 countries. Eligible institutions include all public institutions and all local non-governmental organizations. Examples include universities and colleges, professional training schools, research institutes, government ministries and other government offices, libraries, public media, and local NGOs.

The country lists are based on GNI per capita (World Bank figures, 2006). Institutions in countries with GNI per capita below $1250 are eligible for free access. Institutions in countries with GNI per capita between $1250-$3500 pay a fee of $1000 per year / institution. This fee, which represents less than 0.1% of the annual retail subscription value of the scientific resources in OARE, is reinvested in the partnership to support continued training and outreach activities in developing countries. Institutions in Band 2 countries receive a free trial-period enrollment of three months.

Over 2,990 peer reviewed titles (as of 4/2009) owned and published by over 340 prestigious publishing houses and scholarly societies are now available in more than 100 low income countries. Research is provided in a wide range of disciplines.

JPSL has been indexed by OARE since volume 1 issue 1 2011. 

Please read About OARE for more in-depth information on the project.