Perubahan Kandungan Gizi Ikan Nike Pascapengolahan Nutritional Content of Post Processing Largesnout Goby Juvenile

Septian Palma Ariany, Reinal Putalan


Largesnout goby juvenile/Nike fish (Awaous melanocephalus) is a fishery resource in Central Sulawesi waters containing high nutritional content. The purpose of this study was to determine the changes in the proximate characteristics, protein and mineral content of fish after heat processing, which included steaming, boiling, and boiling with saltwater. The results showed that the processing had a significant effects (α<0.05) on the proximate, mineral, and dissolved protein composition. Based on the processing treatment given, it was concluded that the steaming method was the chosen processing method in this study.


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Septian Palma Ariany
Reinal Putalan (Primary Contact)
ArianyS. P., & PutalanR. (2021). Perubahan Kandungan Gizi Ikan Nike Pascapengolahan: Nutritional Content of Post Processing Largesnout Goby Juvenile . Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 24(2), 167-173.

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