The Effect of Addition Vitamin E on Catfish Oil Stability

Clara Maria Kusharto, Mia Srimiati, Ikeu Tanziha, Sugeng Heri Suseno


Unsaturated fatty acids contained oils which sensitive to oxidation caused by heat, light and
oxygen. The oxidized oil known harmful to the body. One of the effort to prevent the oxidation
process is by adding antioxidants stability of oil catfish and shelf life of the oil. The experimental
study was applied by adding vitamin E to the oil as much as 0.67 mg / g PUFA compared with the
control oil. Oil was stored with the Schaal Oven Test method, which are stored at a temperature
of 600C. The study showed that, based on the parameters of oxidation (free fatty acids, peroxide
value, anisidin numbers, and the number of total oxidation), catfish oil were added vitamin E
more stabilized than the catfish oil without added vitamin E. The catfish fish oil in the form of soft
gell capsules added vitamin E could maintain stability in appropriate with IFOS up to 23 months.
Keywords: Catfish oil, vitamin E, stability, Schaal Oven Test


Clara Maria Kusharto (Primary Contact)
Mia Srimiati
Ikeu Tanziha
Sugeng Heri Suseno
KushartoC. M., SrimiatiM., TanzihaI., & SusenoS. H. (2015). The Effect of Addition Vitamin E on Catfish Oil Stability. Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 18(3).

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