Framework Development for The Assessment of The Supply Chain Resilience Using The House of Risk

  • Abduh Sayid Albana Department of Logistic Engineering, Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Rahaditya Dimas Prihadianto Department of Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Hawwin Mardhiana Department of Information System, Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya


The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty and disruptions in Supply Chain (SC), which has caused many researchers to re-study Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) to deal with risks due to the pandemic. Moreover, the direction of post-pandemic SCRM research is more toward Supply Chain Resilience (SCRes) which is the ability of a supply chain to prepare for disruptions and return to normalcy. Many researchers have started researching SCRes to carry out SC recovery measures. However, research on the quantification of SCRes is still rare and is an opportunity. One of the risk quantification methods in the SCRM field is the House of Risk (HoR). This study develops a SCRes assessment framework with the help of the HoR. HoR has two stages, namely: HoR1 for identifying the risks and HoR2 for mitigating the risks. In this study, one step was added, namely the level assessment stage of resilience. The resilience profile is calculated based on the risk map and mitigation plan. This study succeeded in providing a framework for assessing the level of resilience using the help of HoR. Meanwhile, only an illustrative case study is used. Our future research is on how to apply the proposed resilience assessment framework to a real case.

Keywords: supply chain, risk management, supply chain resilience, house of risk, framework


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AlbanaA. S., PrihadiantoR. D., & MardhianaH. (2022). Framework Development for The Assessment of The Supply Chain Resilience Using The House of Risk. Indonesian Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship (IJBE), 8(2), 304.