PF-31 Pregnancy Examination and Fetal Development of Indonesian Domestic Rabbits by Ultrasonography

  • Charisha Florence Fraser
  • Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka
  • Deni Noviana


Ultrasonography has added benefits such as fetal sexing, early embryonic detection and is less invasive than rectal palpation. Besides, it also has the ability to visually characterize the uterus, fetus, ovary, corpus luteum, and follicles. In order to study the influence of fetal growth on further development in animal models like the rabbit, methods of measurement of fetal and placental size must be measured and viability must be established and validated (Chavatte-Palmer et al. 2008). This research is carried out to detect the earliest day of conception in Indonesian domestic rabbits by means of ultrasonography as well as to study the fetal development by analyzing the images produced during the pregnancy check on embryonic vesicle, body diameter and head diameter.


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