MP-14 Antibiotics Resistance Patterns of Escherichia coli Isolated from Poultry in West Java

  • Aprilia Hardiati
  • . Safika
  • Fachriyan Hasmi Pasaribu


Most of poultry industries use antibiotics for health management program. They use them as bacterial infection treatment and disease prevention, known as antibiotic growth promotor (AGP) [1]. Now, worldwide concern is about antibiotics resistance. Monitoring programs are done by countries in the world to protect human and animal health [2]. The monitoring programs usually use indicator bacteria such as Escherichia coli [3].

Many researchers studied about antibiotics resistance in Indonesia. Escherichia coli isolated from poultry has been resistance to doxycycline (25%) and gentamycin (12.5%) [4]. Seven E. coli isolated from fecal samples shown that resistance to methicillin (85.7%), penicillin G (71.4%) and 42,9% were resistance both doxycycline hydrochloride and streptomycin [5]. Start from Januari 1st 2018 Indonesian Misintry of Agricuture banned antibiotics as AGP, based on Permentan No. 14/2017. They tried to prevent the spread of antibiotics resistance. So, it is necessary to determine antibiotics resistance patterns, especially in E. coli as indicator bacteria.


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