Variability Analysis Of Several Soybean Mutants And Varieties II. Electrophoretic Study Of Seed Globulin And Albumin

  • M Jusuf
  • N Marina
  • U Widyastuti
  • A Girindra


Albumin dan globulin were extracted from seeds of ten mutants and twelve varieties of soybean. The electrophoregrams of albumin and globulin had respectively six and four zones. Each zone was assumed equivalent to one gene locus. The different pattern of electrophoretic bands in each zone was interpreted as different types of alleles. Based on those assumptions, on the albumin it was observed that one locus was monomorph, two loci had two alleles, and two other loci had three alleles. On globulin there were three loci that contained three alleles and one locus had two alleles. Based on electrophoretic data the twenty two varietiedmutants could be divided into three groups and three separated sole varietyhutant. Group 1 consisted of m24, Japanese Soybean and wild soybean; Group I1 contained m l l , m28, m17, Wilis and Kerinci; and into Group 111 was classed m02, m03, m13, m24, Shakti, Orba, Black Soybean, Americana, Muria and Galunggung. The mutants and variety that were separate from the others were m20, m08 and Ringgit.


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