Pengaruh berbagai Tingkat Lisin dan Metionin yang dibutuhkan Puyuh Jepang (Coturnix-Coturnix Japonica) terhadap Produksi Telur

  • Dwi Margi Suci
  • R Abdelsamie


The aim of this experiment was to get some information concerning lysine and methionine requirements for egg production. Five weeks of age of Female Japanese Quail were subjected to 9 treatments. The treatments were 3 levels of lysine (1.39%; 1.18%; 0.92%) and 3 level of methionine (0.55%; 0.45%; 0.35%). The basal diets were isocaloric and isonitrogenous. Egg production was significantly increased by lysine (P<0.05) as well as methionine (P<0.01). The highest production was achieved by a combination of 1.38% lysine and 0.55% methionine. However, the treatments did not influenced feed consumption and feed conversion.


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