Efek Selang Bekerja terhadap Perubahan Bobot Badan dan Penggunaan Pakan pada Sapi Peranakan Ongole

  • N. Usri


The aim of this study was to investigate if working period could affect growth and feed consumption of Ongole cross cattle. Twenty four heifers were used in a completely randomized experiment that consisted of 4 working patterns: not working, one day working + two days rasting, one day working + one day rasting and working every day. Each treatment was replicated 6 times. All worked animals pulled a 45 kg-burden from 7.00-11.00 a.m. With 30 minutes break (8.00-8.30 a.m.). All animals were fed with native grasses ad libitum + 0.75 kg concentrate per day. Working pattern did not affect weight gain as well as feed efficiency. The average daily gain was 0.27 kg and the feed efficiency was 0.0649 (gain/consumption). However, it significantly (p<0.05) influenced the feed consumption, feed cost and water consumption. The mean value of the feed consumption, feed cost and water consumption were 4.22 kg, Rp. 264.17, and 4.17 kg, respectively.


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