The Impact of El Niño and La Nina on Fluctuation of Rice Production in Banten Province

Tian Mulyaqin


Rice production in Indonesia is facing serious problem, in which the production is fluctuated causing the unstability in the food supply. One factor influencing the rice productions is climate extreme. Here, we analysed rice production in Banten Province for 2002-2015. The objective of this reasearh was to analyse the effect of climate variability on the fluctuation of rice production in Banten. We relied on data from BPS Banten, which provided timeseries of rice production for 2002-2015. We used four statistical approaches namely linear, quadratic, exponential, and moving average models to detect trend in rice production. Our results showed that Rice Production fluctuated every year indicating an increased trend for the observartion period. Based on the trend analysis, the growth rate for rice production was 1,66% per year. Climate extreme has affected on rice production, with El Niño resulted in the decreasing on rice production, whereas La Nina caused an increased of rice production. Further, to adapt climate extreme events, the government needs to encourage farmers to join the Rice Farming Insurance (AUTP) program to protect rice farming from economic losses due to the climate extreme impacts.


Tian Mulyaqin (Primary Contact)
MulyaqinT. (2020). The Impact of El Niño and La Nina on Fluctuation of Rice Production in Banten Province. Agromet, 34(1), 34-41.
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