Sodality: Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan

Sodality: Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan is a scientific journal, focused on Rural Sociological which refers to the key terminology of "Sodality" where the dynamics of the local structures (village/rural) and extra-local has created spaces of social disharmony, thus require the analysis and synthesis of multidisciplinary science to explain empirical facts dimensions of socio-economic-ecological in village/rural.

The multidisciplinary scientific related to the three areas of science that coordinated by Department of Communication and Community Development, Bogor Agricultural University inherent in the elaboration of the synthesis to analyze the dynamics of village/rural. Moreover, Sodality embody the aspirations and conceptual thinking of the various local, national and international studies in the context of rural sociology. Sodality is expected to become the center of scientific documentation and dissemination of systematic thinking results. That will encourage opening opportunities scientific debate on a variety of academic discourse and actual emerging in the academic world.

Sodality only accept articles from original research papers and has not been published in any institution. Sodality do not accept articles from literature study results. Sodality published by Department of Communication Science and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology IPB, associated with Indonesian Sociological Association (INASA).

Based on Decree of Directorate General for Higher Education No. 2/E/KPT/2015, on Accreditation of Scientific Journals by Directorate General for Higher Education in the second period on 2015, Sodality : Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan has been accredited “B” as national journal.


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Vol 6, No 2 (2018): Sodality

Table of Contents


Andhika Rakhmanda, Suadi ., Supardjo Supardi Djasmani
Eka Intan Kumala Putri, Arya Hadi Dharmawan, Rizka Amalia, Nurmala K. Pandjaitan
Maria Endah Ambarwati, Gatot Sasongko, Wilson M.A Therik
Dwi Rini Sovia Firdaus, Djuara P.Lubis, Djoko Susanto, Endriatmo Soetarto
Ayu Candra Kusumastuti, Lala M. Kolopaking, Baba Barus
Dwi Wulan Pujiriyani, Endriatmo Soetarto, Dwi Andreas Santosa, Ivanovich Agusta
Arihan ., Ahmad Zuber, Bagus Haryono
Aminah Swarnawati, Amiruddin Saleh, Basita Ginting, Endriatmo Soetarto, Arif Satria