Potentials of Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas Linn) as Green Belt based on the Rate of its Litter Decomposition

  • Lailan Syaufina Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • Nurheni Wijayanto Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • Istomo Istomo Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • Khairia Nafia Institut Pertanian Bogor


Previous study found thar Jarak pagarĀ  has potency for fuel break in forest fire control. There are some requirements for vegetation to be fuel break. One of the requirement as fuel break is decomposition race in which the higher decomposition rate may be suitable for fuel break in order to prevent surface fuel accumulation. A study was conducted to analyze decomposition rate of Jarak pagar in the field. Some sample plots were established in forest plantation area of Gunung Hambalang Bogor managed by Perhutani under agroforestry system. The study revealed that Jarak Pagar in the study area has higher decomposition rate when compared to other tree sppecies. Therefore, Jarak Pagar meet the
requirement for fuel break from decomposition rate point of view.


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