Fixings Agent Effect to β-carotene Stabilityof Crude Extract from Dunaliella salina Microalga at Different Temperature Condition

Ardini Ria Oktora, Widodo Farid Ma’ruf, Tri Winarni Agustini


Dunaliella salina is a microalga rich pigment carotenoids that can be used asnatural dyes. The problem
faced for temporative β-carotene stability which is unstable and easily degraded is unstable and easily
degraded. The purpose ofthis researchwas to determine content and stability of β-carotene pigment in
D.salina with fixings addition of MgCO3 and NaHCO3 with temperature treatment as factor that influence
β-carotene pigment degradation during storage condition. The research method used β-carotene pigment
which was obtainedbymaceration and adding fixing agent (NaHCO3 0,5% and without fixings addition),
and was heated at temperature of (50°, 70° and 90°C), be measured the content of β-carotene pigment
during storage (observation hour 0, 24, 48, 72, 96, 120 and 144). Data analyzed by ANOVA and Honestly
Significant Different (HSD). The result showed that content of β-carotene pigment at 50°C temperature
showed that stability and pH value performed slowest degradation after144 hours. While stability and pH
value at 90°C temperature performed fastest degradation after 96 hours. Based on this study the addition of
NaHCO3 gave more effective in retaining β-carotene degradation compared to that of MgCO3 which showed
by high stability in sample NaHCO3 0,5%, temperature 50°C in 144 hours storage length.


β-carotene, Dunaliella salina, fixing agent, NaHCO3, pigment stability

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