Peer-Review Process

Peer Review Process

  1. Every submitted manuscript will be selected by the Editorial Team
  2. The submitted manuscript will be evaluated by Chief Editor and Editorial board based on the suitability of focus and scope Journal of Consumer Sciences within 1 week.
  3. The managing editor will evaluate the format and structure of the submitted manuscript base on author guidelines. The manuscript that need revision will be returned to the author and the author must return the revised manuscript within 1 week.
  4. The manuscript that meet standard writing criteria will be forwarded to the reviewer while manuscript that do not meet the standard writing criteria will be returned to the author.
  5. All reviewing process is conducted in a double-blind review.
  6. The manuscript reviewed by a qualified reviewer selected by the chief editor and editorial board. The reviewer should examine the manuscript and return it with their recommendation to the chief editor within 2-3 weeks. The recommendation consists of acceptance, rejection, or needs to be returned to the author for revision
  7. The author makes improvements in accordance with the input and ratings from the reviewers within 1-2 weeks, then the author must submit the revised manuscript to be re-reviewed.
  8. The chief editor asks the editorial board to check the suitability of the revised manuscript and decides the manuscript is accepted or not. If the manuscript is rejected, the author will be notified by the Chief Editor with a statement of reasons for rejection.
  9. After acceptance by Chief editor and Editorial Boards, the manuscript is forwarded to managing editor for layout.
  10. Before publication, Chief Editor and Editorial Board conduct editorial team meeting. Chief Editor would send to the corresponding authors a letter of acceptance and final version of the manuscript.
  1. Manuscripts that have been reviewed and declared accepted are not permitted to be sent to other journals. Otherwise, the author will be black-listed.
  2. Plagiarism screening will be conducted using Turnitin application system. Turnitin creates tools for K-12 and higher education that improve writing and prevent plagiarism. ( Plagiarism screening will also be conducted using Grammarly