Aktivitas antiproliferasi ekstrak etanol temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.) pada sel lestari tumor MCA-B1 dan MCM-B2 secara In Vitro

B.P. Priosoeryanto, R. Sari, L.K. Darusman, R. Tiuria, E.D. Purwakusumah, W. Nurcholis


The aim of this research is to observe the antiproliferation activity of temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.) ethanol (70%) extract on MCA-B1 and MCM-B2 cell lines in vitro. Cells were cultivated in tissue culture plate 24 wells with vinblastin (positive control) and 5 dose level extracts in 5 replicates. The concentrations of extract were 0 ppm (negative control), 15 ppm (P1), 30 ppm (P2), 45 ppm (P3), 60 ppm (P4), and 75 ppm (P5). After 3 days incubated at 37 derejad C, cells were harvested and total cells were counted using a haemocytometer Neubauer. The results showed that 70% temulawak extract had antiproliferation activity to MCA-B1 and MCM-B2 cell lines. The best result was occured on the 75 ppm doses, with the ant-proliferation activity reached for 70,0% in MCA-B1 cell line and 75.4% in MCM-B2 celll line. Overall, the results indicated that temulawak may have a possible therapeutic potential againts cancer.

Keywords: tumor, temulawak, antiproliferation, MCA-B1, MCM-B2, in vitro.

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