Analisis Layer System Bambu Laminasi Berdasarkan Penyebaran Kerapatan Ikatan Pembuluhnya

Effendi Tri Bahtiar, Naresworo Nugroho, Surjono Surjokusumo, Lina Karlinasari, Atmawi Darwis


Anatomically, bamboo is constructed from many types of cells. Vascular bundles are the cells which give the highest contribution to the bamboo strength, thus the density distribution of vascular bundles could be used as the main variable for analyzing the layer system of bamboo strip and laminated bamboo. The density of vascular bundles distribution decreases gradually from the outer to inner part in a regular manner which could be fitted by linear or nonlinear function. Ratio of modulus of elasticity (E) which widely used in transformed cross section (TCC) method for analyzing the layer system are substituted by ratio of density distribution of vascular bundles with asumption that both are highly correlated. The data in this study proved that there are high Pearson’s corellation between the theoretical and the empirical result, and the paired t-student test also showed both are not significantly different; thus, this new method could be applied in very good result. There are 3 models applied in this study, namely linear, logarithm, and power. Power model is the best among others since its theoretical gives the nearest estimation to the empirical measurement.


bamboo and laminated bamboo; mechanical properties; model; transformed cross section; vascular bundles

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