Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia

Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia (JIPI) published three time a year April, August, and December by Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Articles loaded covering research results and analysis policy that is applicative includes agricultural in the broadest sense: agronomy, science of soils, pest and disease of, the zoological, of medicine veterinary, agricultural engineering, industrial technology, technology food, the science of nutrition, family and consumers, biometry, biology, climatology, livestock, fisheries and of marine science, health care and the environment, forestry, and socioeconomic agricultural are being considered and was approved by the council editor.




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Vol 22, No 1 (2017): Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia

Available online Since 26 August 2015

Table of Contents


Triwardhani Cahyaningsih, Fachriyan Hasmi Pasaribu, Agustin Indrawati
Ratna Suminar, . Suwarto, Heni Purnamawati
Resmayeti Purba, Yuti Giametri
. Fendi, Dian Kurniaty, Saptadi Darmawan
Simon Petrus Oktovianus Leatemia, Emmanuel Manangkalangi, Paskalina Theresia Lefaan, Hans Fence Zakeus Peday, Luky Sembel
Mochamad Isa Iskandar, Achmad Supriadi
. Makhziah, . Sukendah, Yonny Koentjoro
. Sahuri
La Ode Alifatri, Sigid Hariyadi, Handoko Adi Susanto
Siti Lutvaniyah, Dyah Perwitasari Farajallah, Achmad Farajallah